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We help publishers safely and profitably transform to a digital 'content to consumption' cycle. Saferock Education creates new content and digital solutions to improve K-16 education. Our technology supports mobile, tablets, online, and IWB. Saferock also prepares custom and state-specific editions of K-16 content. Our experience includes core curriculum areas such as mathematics, reading/language arts, science and social studies. 

STEM, gaming, and digital components describe the upcoming areas where publishers will place their business emphasis. This is driven by policy-makers who are concerned about failure rates in schools, the need for more engaging content to engage students and keep them motivated, as well as the transformation going on in terms of technology. 

We find that publishers increasingly desire to leverage their existing content. We have done this with basal and supplemental publishers over the last three years and have completed a significant number of projects that we can share with you. 

In our work with K-16 publishers:
  • we transition existing legacy products into successful, complete, digital solutions. This includes concept development in the context of your product strategy and pub plan, content preparation, and software development.
  • we enhance your existing legacy content with ’enlivened’ interactive content and digital interactives to help you bring new product to market quickly and within budget. This can improve both whole group teacher-led instruction as well as individualized student learning experiences.
  • conceptualize, align, and deliver new interactive online content
  • license and develop custom technology solutions for iPad and mobile
  • Rapid book customization and production