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Saferock LLC. Book Production Services Live Up to its' name "Rapid Production"

12/11/2009 (Dumont, NJ)

Saferock Education has offered their Rapid Production services since 2004 but it hasn't been until recently that they have gained notoriety for this service. Rapid Production is Saferocks 'proprietary solution for all types of book production services including new and customized editions of books, ancillaries and now e-books. If you are in the industry then you understand how difficult it is to streamline production workflows, manage and produce content for thousands of pages, yet this book production service makes it seem seamless.

A recent case study reviewed 20 consecutive projects awarded to Saferock where they would implement their Rapid Production Services for book production. This was over 11,000 pages, where there were stringent deadlines and high quality control rates to meet. The industry standard for traditional book production error rate is 5%, or in this instance 550 pages. Rapid Production had LESS than a 1% error rate, with an actual error rate around 100 pages. The average deadline for each production was 7 - 8 weeks and every project was completed on time or earlier, which is rare to hear considering many of these were customized pages.

People have been very impressed with how well Rapid Production has worked for their organization and the proof is in the quotes from our clients. Some things that were said are "You guys are AWESOME! You are working ahead and our whole schedule is in great shape." Production Manager, Supplemental PreK-12 Publisher. Another quote is "Man you are good and fast! I love you guys!" Senior Production/ Manufacturing Manager, Basal 9-12 Publisher.

If you are considering a new means for effective streamline book production then you should consider Saferock. With decades of experience, they have the knowledge and expertise to complete your customized project in a timely and efficient manner. Please contact Saferock Education today for a free quote.

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