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US Federal Reserve entity engages Saferock for strategic planning

6/1/2013 (Dumont, NJ)

The US Federal Reserve has been mandated by Dodd-Frank to improve financial literacy for the general US population. Specifically the OMWI (Office of Minorities and Women Initiative) clause directs support for minority and disenfranchised groups. To accomplish these goals, each regional Reserve Bank prepares its own strategy and goals. Saferock was selected by a regional Reserve Bank to review its digital education plan and strategy.

Shah Karim, CEO of Saferock Education, said "It's a true honor and privilege for us to advise such a great organization on digital strategy. The Federal Reserve system has a fiduciary responsibility to increase financial literacy for our population, and this is of significant importance to minority and underserved communities."

US Federal Reserve:

The Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, provides the nation with a safe, flexible, and stable monetary and financial system.  There are twelve Reserve Banks throughout the United States, each serving a separate Federal Reserve District.

About Saferock Education:
We help publishers safely and profitably transform to a digital 'content to consumption' cycle. Saferock Education creates new content and digital solutions to improve K-16 education. 

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