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Overcoming Interactive Whiteboards & Classroom Response Systems Challenges

1/29/2010 (Dumont, NJ)

Interactive Whiteboards have become increasingly popular in schools over the last two years for a multitude of reasons. Some would even consider using the Interactive Whiteboards as critical pedagogy. Therefore the demand of the content available and tools offered have not only drastically increased, but have become more complex to create. One of the reasons why teachers like them so much is that it is a colorful, clean and attractive interactive tool.

Recently a major publisher wanted to create attractive Interactive Whiteboards content based on an existing series of successful print products. This series consisted of multiple lessons over 3 grades, over 3,000 pages. Saferock Education took this challenge head on by taking their content, colorizing certain elements in exercises, then pulled apart each lesson to expand it. Audio was added to the exercises for ELL students and other interactive elements were created, such as games and other manipulatives. Lessons were then converted for Interactive Whiteboards, along with the assessments and interactive games that challenge the student beyond the lesson. The end result is that Saferock Education successfully converted an existing series of B/W printed pages to vivid four-color material suitable for IWB and online instruction with additional games and manipulatives for online and IWB use.

Another challenge that Saferock faced with interactive whiteboards is a supplemental textbook and educational manipulative materials company wanted to take a successful hand-held exercise from the desk to an Interactive Whiteboards Medium. The challenge was displaying the 3 dimensional figures in a simulated 2.5 dimensional on-screen display. Saferock Education had to develop a prototype in a neutral medium which used the pieces and environments provided by the existing manipulative. The project was then adapted for the Interactive Whiteboards manufacturer's software. Then they had to craft another prototype using the same elements, but with the functionality of the whiteboard software. The outcome is that all the figures, question sets, and answer keys were all displayed on-screen. The user was able to drag, rotate, flip and place the blocks in the space desired while switching boards, depending on the parameters for each question.

As you can see creating and converting content for Interactive Whiteboards is not an easy process. Every client poses a different a problem and thus a customized strategy is needed for each problem. The content needs to maintain its fundamental structure, while becoming interactive, and lively. That is why it is important that a company chooses a trusted and experienced company who can meet deadlines in an efficient and accurate manner. Saferock has been able to prove this time and again. The above two examples are just two of the many strategies that Saferock has created for Interactive Whiteboards.

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