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Book Production

Book Production

By standard production we refer to the use of layout programs for page composition (e.g., InDesign and QuarkXPress), specialized programs for creating art and editing photographs (e.g., Adobe's Illustrator and Photoshop), electronic output for soft-proofing (e.g., low-resolution PDFs), and electronic output for plate manufacturing (e.g., high-resolution PDFs). Layout operators compose pages one by one deciding where to place each of the content and page elements. This is done for every page of the book (except for pick-up pages, where they are borrowed wholesale from an earlier edition or another publication). Further, each page goes through multiple 'pour and review' cycles (1R, 2R, and 3R) where editors review the pages for content, design, and production errors. This is an intensive manual process that is sometimes required do to specific requirements of the product.

Services we offer:

  • Content Development
  • Streamlining production:
    • We alleviate production bottlenecks with our patent-pending Rapid Production® system
    • State Editions and Custom books: (Our versioning features are really ground-breaking – try it at no risk!)
  • Create custom editions of textbooks for basal and supplemental products
  • Augment your production technology
  • Project management
  • Tech art
  • Template design and development
  • Pre-press automation (PDF workflow)

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