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Digital Content Services

Web & Desktop

We can create web and desktop applications with the experience of our own software development group. This in-house competency allows us to develop the software that is required to make your content come alive on digital platforms. We have been developing content, assessments and software for publishers for ten years and we understand your needs and your business.

Saferock can create web and desktop software, from a simple flash based web element to a complex learning system. Projects can be integrated with existing content management systems and learning systems, or we can create or customize CMS and LMS systems to meet the needs of your project.  

  • Interactive whiteboard lessons for Smart®, Promethean® and others.
  • Flash & HTML5 lessons and activities
  • Full motion animations and simulations
  • Educational games
  • Websites
  • Database driven projects
  • SCORM-compliant projects
  • Web 2.0 technology projects
  • Content management systems
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Ajax
  • Flex/Flash applications with Actionscript 3
  • Application development

Regardless of the publishers' needs, Saferock offers one-stop shopping with a knowledgeable staff that knows what is possible and where efficiencies can be found.

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