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Book Production

Rapid Production

Saferock's Rapid Production™ solution is a proprietary framework used to efficiently streamline production workflows, manage, and produce content. One application of Rapid Production™ is to simplify the process of creating custom editions for basal and supplemental products. Top book publishers are currently using it extensively to create new and customized editions of books, ancillaries, and e-books efficiently and accurately.

Services we offer:

  • Content Development
  • Streamlining production:
    • We alleviate production bottlenecks with our patent-pending Rapid Production® system
    • State Editions and Custom books: (Our versioning features are really ground-breaking – try it at no risk!)
  • Create custom editions of textbooks for basal and supplemental products
  • Augment your production technology
  • Project management
  • Tech art
  • Template design and development
  • Pre-press automation (PDF workflow)

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