Create State Editions
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  • create a state edition in 7 days (see Case Study)
  • achieve 99%+ accuracy at 1R with patent-pending Rapid Production™ (see Case Study)
  • project manage the customization effort across state specific content, standards alignments, and production
  • add custom digital content and personalized learning to win state adoptions
  • incorporate Common Core standards
  • add digital manipulatives
  • support multiple modes of learning and ELL
  • improve state submissions with accurate production, reliable timelines, and guaranteed budgets
Your Goals:
One of your main goals is to help your team succeed in state adoptions. Achieving this satisfies your corporate stakeholders. Through this you’ll be able to maintain market share in the face of fierce competition. 

Your existing content may be research-based with sound pedagogy to support it. Your challenge now is to find more engaging and interactive ways of presenting this content, as well as figuring out how to make it work on interactive whiteboard, tablets, and mobile devices. 

When it comes to adoptions, your challenge is to ensure that you have a cohesive team to develop state specific content, correlate your existing content to state standards, produce the final submission product, and project manage this so that submissions are made on a timely basis to the adoption committees. The  final deliverables have to be error-free. They also must satisfy the necessary state standards, Common Core objectives, and digital submission requirements. 

We can help you to:

  • take your national version and create state specific editions from it
  • develop a cross-functional team to author, manage, and produce the state-specific products
  • work with our roster of content specialists for ELA, Literature, STEM and Social Studies to write your state specific content and align it to state standards
  • build ELL support to meet state requirements
  • version pages and insert state standards with extreme accuracy
  • simultaneously create multiple state editions with extremely high accuracy

Here are examples of what we have done:  

Middle School Math: 14 days from manuscript to state adoption board

Situation: Based on sales data, a publisher decided to compete for a state adoption that was coming up very shortly. Time was of the essence in the drive to get the product to market, and sales wanted the state-specific edition at the printer within a week.

Approach: On Monday, the publisher decided to create a custom edition of its basal product for a specific adoption state. The client’s Editorial delivered state-specific content which was combined with the National edition. After confirming the prototype pages, Rapid Production® was applied. The files were proofread at Saferock and PDFs were posted the same day for editorial review. Editorial made corrections and final pages were delivered the following morning.

Result: Final printer-ready documents were delivered to manufacturing within seven days of start. The publisher was able to take advantage of the market opportunity and get the book in for state adoption within one week. With hardly any correction pages to track and lower pre-press cost, Sales was able to go to market on an aggressive schedule - ahead of the competition.

Social Studies: multiple state editions completed with incredible accuracy

Situation: Due to extreme market competition, a publisher needed to be more competitive in several states in a short amount of time. To do this, the publisher had to generate eight customized state editions from its basal product within six weeks.

Approach: Editorial prepared content for the custom editions and delivered it to Saferock. Using pre-existing national files, the first pass was prepared within a week of receiving the manuscripts. Composite PDFs were used for proofreading, which allowed Editorial to check the files more easily. Thanks to the high accuracy of Rapid Production®, zero pages out of 1,395 pages (0.0%) needed correction at 1R.
Result: Final printer-ready PDFs were delivered to the printers for all eight states within six weeks. Sales seized the opportunity to present the books to eight state adoption committees simultaneously. Rapid Production's quick and accurate turnaround helped the publisher win adoptions in multiple states.


K-6 Math: 3,000+ ISBNs and state-specific versions for 32 states

Situation: A publisher need to quickly and accurately create over three thousand individual covers with different ISBNs and state-specific correlations charts for one of the largest Mathematics series in the nation.

Approach: This unique problem required automated production with extremely high accuracy. Exact Editorial information was placed onto the page, with no human interference. Additionally, the CIP was altered to work with an existing editorial standards database to carefully create correlation charts for over three thousand different configurations.

Result: Saferock was able to meet all deadlines. Our proprietary technology enabled Editorial and Production to work smoothly and submit the finished product on time. 


Why work with us?

In addition to managing the core responsibility of program design and development, we can:
  • take your existing print content and convert it to iPad and mobile - suitable for ‘tech savvy’ learners
  • We’ve created the patent-pending Rapid Production™ system that is used in ‘Extreme Versioning’ projects at basal, assessment, and supplemental publishers 
  • create electronic TE and SE for tablet readers and personal computers
  • help develop new products, including its plan, financial analysis, development, and delivery
  • prepare a cost-benefit analysis for product development with up to 30% savings vs. budget
  • add digital SE and TE editions so students can study outside of class
  • ensure cross-platform compatibility on PCs, interactive whiteboards, iPads, and ‘smart’ mobile devices
  • support differentiated learning including kinesthetic, visual, and auditory modes for IDEA
  • embed assessment into your digital content using our SmartStudy™ technology

If you would like to learn more, or would like to arrange a time to speak, please contact us at:
877.753.7300 ext. 103