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  • convert your existing content to digital for multi-channel consumption
  • prepare effective product plans with detailed project planning, reliable timelines, and guaranteed budgets
  • bring in an experienced group to work with your team to transition your print material to digital
  • provide experienced project management to ensure successful and timely completion of tasks
  • transform your legacy material to digital in a fast, accurate, and cost-effective way
  • improve your P&L with the most cost-effective mix of internal and external services

Your Goals:

It makes for good business strategy to extend the life of existing programs and monetize them further where this is possible, on a dollar basis, this usually generates a higher return on investment– with lower risk - than preparing a completely new one. Extension protects the revenue stream from financially successful programs that have existing market share. 

Whether the goal is to successfully contest state adoptions or to move the branded product out of print to digital, you have a need to transition successfully. Families at home, students, teachers, and states are all potential consumers.   

To extend product life, the existing content can be converted to digital, made engaging and interactive, and also made to work on interactive whiteboard, tablets, and mobile devices. 

This complex task requires you to work with a multi-skilled team. The team faces the challenge of defining the new products, converting legacy manuscripts and art, adding content aligned to Common Core and state standards, and finally taking the product successfully to market. The  deliverables have to be error-free and must satisfy adoption requirements, which can often include digital submission. 

We can help you to: 

  • set up a cross-functional team to design, develop, and produce the digital products
  • develop the new or revised product, including the product plan, financial analysis, content development, and delivery of the completed product
  • prepare a reliable financial plan and provide a cost-benefit analysis for the available product development options
  • work with our roster of content specialists for ELA, Literature, STEM and Social Studies to write your state specific content and align it to state standards and Common Core
  • incorporate your existing content or create new new material by drawing on content development specialists for K-12 for ELA, Literature, STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), and Social Studies
  • Build the appropriate ELL, ESL, and bilingual support to meet the needs of the market
  • add digital SE and TE editions so students can study outside of class
  • convert your digital content to Flash and HTML5 to ensure portability of your content across platforms, including desktop, interactive whiteboard, iPad and other tablets, and ‘smart’ mobile devices
  • support multiple ways of learning including kinesthetic, visual, and auditory modes

Here are examples of what we have done:  

‘Refresh’ of an acquired product that had incomplete content

Situation: A publisher obtained rights to a program with incomplete archives, missing image and application files. Their main content source were the print ready PDFs. They wanted to re-brand and re-launch this product. The project required new templates and design guidelines for all aspects of page layout and art. 

Saferock was approached to fix the entire program, streamline all of the existing and new templates, and complete the entire K–5 program in 6 weeks.

Approach: We took over from the offshore vendor as this was too complex to handle overseas. Saferock immediately audited the available content. We reviewed the templates that had been created off-shore vendor and modified every design element for each grade to ensure match to the the new product specs. After a thorough approval process, we then began a 24/7 production process which produced the 1,500+ pages of content within six weeks.

Result: The program was produced on schedule and delivered to the market on time.


Update of Algebra program

Situation: A textbook publisher wanted to produce a set of Algebra titles in their signature series. Saferock had recently produced the same series for lower grades, but had to redesign the elementary appearance to a style appropriate for middle school-aged students.

Approach: Having knowledge of the existing layouts used in the previous versions, Saferock worked with the publisher’s design team to develop 6 different page designs. The desired page design was then referenced in the manuscript for the compositor. Saferock created production templates and style sheets from the design samples and established a workflow.

Result: Saferock produced the Algebra book set in the publisher’s signature series. The new design was refined during the production process and the page templates expanded to include 3 more page styles. All deadlines were met and the books printed on time.


Update of basal textbook series

Situation: A basal textbook company came to us with a major program revision. They wanted to take a 10-year-old design and replace it with a brand new look, while preserving half of the content and rewriting the rest.

Approach: Our approach was to first develop a workflow that would revise their basal program most efficiently. We were able to preserve the desired formatting and features. Due to the advanced-level and specialized content, we made it a priority to work closely with their editors to accommodate their needs. We developed a method of preserving certain symbols and styles, then converted them to the new equivalent style within the new design.

Result: By working closely with editors, we created InCopy templates for the new TE wrap design. The revision was completed with all ancillaries including a new Teacher Wrap edition.


Creating Spanish-English (bilingual) Childrens Books

Situation: A successful publisher of children's books wants to create bilingual (Spanish-English) editions of an existing series of high interest children's books. The goal was to pick up the pre-existing English content, add the bilingual copy and modify the design accordingly.

Approach: The project team included editorial, design, translation, and production teams. As Spanish text is longer than the English text equivalent, the existing design elements had to be reworked to fit the Spanish content. The design elements were adjusted on a custom basis from page to page to maintain the integrity and balance of the books.

Result: 96 titles were successfully completed for a total of almost 3,000 bilingual pages in 4 months. All deadlines were met, allowing the publisher to launch the new bilingual series on time.

Test Prep State Editions for 8 states and 6 grades

Situation: A national publisher decided to market their flagship test prep product in eight new states for six different grades, in both Mathematics and Reading. However, creating these 96 new titles in the course of a standard production season posed a significant challenge.

Approach: The publisher's development team used InCopy for editorial workflow. Our approach was to couple their InCopy workflow with Rapid Production® to help them meet the challenging  schedule. The InCopy manuscripts were used to create a seamless workflow with Rapid Production® automation.

Result: The result was all 96 titles, each a 200+ book, were customized for 8 different states and delivered to the sales force ahead of schedule. Due to this initial success, the program was expanded to grades 9–12.

Why work with us?

  • We have successfully converted over 200,000 pages of basal and supplemental programs
  • We can take your existing print content and convert it to iPad and mobile - suitable for ‘tech savvy’ learners
  • embed assessment into your digital content and practice exercises using our SmartStudy™ technology
  • provide feedback on student understanding with our proprietary Continuous Progress Monitoring (CPM™) software
  • ‘enliven’ your content with individual practice sessions and interactive examples that engage students more deeply
  • add high-quality, teacher-tested interactive manipulatives for Math, Science, Technology, and Engineering (STEM) that encourage students to explore on their own
If you would like to learn more, or would like to arrange a time to speak, please contact us at:
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