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  • improve teacher efficiency and reduce prep time
  • gather data on student performance, on-task time
  • ensure parents, teachers, and administrators are ‘on the same page’
  • develop personalized learning solutions

Your Goals:

In preparing digital programs, one has to plan while taking into account: market and technology trends, state-level financial realities, the need to ensure that all stakeholders are ‘kept on the same page’. All this has to happen keeping in mind that we need to engage students better and increase teacher efficiency where possible.

With states imposing budget cuts on education, it seems that class sizes are bound to increase. With mandated guidelines from NCLB and AYP, the requirement will continue for gathering more data on students and reporting on cohort performance. So we can envision that in coming years teachers will face the pressure of having to do more with their time: they will have to handle more students in each class, as class sizes go up. They will have to individualize the course of study in a general classroom to attend to the needs of students who are at different levels of performance. They will have to record and share data on academic performance with parents and administrators. 
One way to help teachers is to increase their efficiency with appropriate technology. Solutions can be designed to help teachers so they can prepare for lessons more easily, gather student data systematically, and ensure reports are generated automatically. Such solutions should be system-based, and where appropriate, take advantage of current technology readily available to teachers and students - including tablets, smartphones, and interactive whiteboards. 

The solutions should measure students activity and progress, and systematically allow teachers to share data with those who need to know - parents, students, and administrators. 

This complex task requires you to work with an appropriate technology partner, with experience in creating commercial products, content development, and digital solutions, a company like Saferock.

At Saferock, we’ve have been deeply involved in digital projects with publishers. This continues to be all the more gratifying as we introduce personalized learning into our schools in ways that can transform the education of our children. 

We can help you: 

  • set up a cross-functional team to design, develop, and produce the digital products
  • create the technology – we are certified software developers with Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, and others
  • we are certified for interactive whiteboards software, with SMART for Notebook development and Promethean for ActivInspire
  • take your existing print content and convert it to iPad and mobile - suitable for ‘tech savvy’ learners
  • From your content, create high-quality, interactive whiteboard lessons for whole group instruction
  • add high-quality, teacher-tested interactive manipulatives for Math, Science, Technology, and Engineering (STEM) that encourage students to explore on their own
  • ‘enliven’ your content with individual practice sessions and interactive examples that engage students more deeply
  • add digital SE and TE editions so students can study outside of class
  • convert your digital content to Flash and HTML5 to ensure portability of your content across platforms, including desktop, interactive whiteboard, iPad and other tablets, and ‘smart’ mobile devices
  • embed assessment into your digital content and practice exercises using our SmartStudy™ technology
  • provide feedback on student understanding with our proprietary Continuous Progress Monitoring (CPM™) software

Here are examples of what we have done:  

Middle School Math Grades 6-8: Personalized learning and Digital Content Adoption

Situation: An innovative program was being tested in a pilot school for fully digital curriculum. Saferock was asked to help with adding interactive models and digital classroom content.

Approach: This unique problem required pulling together a joint team with content specialists, technology experts, designers, and production resources.

Result: Saferock delivered a fully-digital program enlivened with interactive components. Teacher feedback was extremely positive, and successfully led to improvement in teacher efficiency in the classroom. The program is being extended to additional schools and states.  

Middle School Math Grades 6-8: Personalized learning and Digital Content Adoption

Solution: Saferock has developed its own proprietary StudySmart!™ solution, which is a system designed for the iPad or other tablet, and mobile platforms. StudySmart!™ makes it easier for students to study, and reduces teacher prep time. It can be particularly useful for programs that are project based or help with remediation.

We can discuss licensing our StudySmart!™ technology to support your content.

Why work with us?

In addition to providing commercial grade technology, Saferock can:

  • support kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning modes
  • develop the new or revised product, including the product plan, financial analysis, content development, and delivery of the completed product
  • prepare a reliable financial plan and provide a cost-benefit analysis for the available product development options
  • work with our roster of content specialists for ELA, Literature, STEM and Social Studies to write your state specific content and align it to state standards and Common Core
  • incorporate your existing content or create new new material by drawing on content development specialists for K-12 for ELA, Literature, STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), and Social Studies
  • build the appropriate ELL, ESL, and bilingual support to meet the needs of the market

If you would like to learn more, or would like to arrange a time to speak, please contact us at:
877.753.7300 ext. 103